Musik videoer Bånd 1

01. -Sacred Reich Crawling Independent
02. -Type 'O Negative Black no. 1 Bloody kisses
03. -Pink Cream '69 Face in the mirror Games people play
04. The Almighty Over the edge Powertrippin'
05. Aerosmith Lightning strikes
06. Sepultura Territory Chaos A. D.
07. Phantom Blue Time to run
08. Metallica The thing that should not be Live shit - Binge and purge
09. Type 'O Negative Black no. 1 Bloody kisses
10. -Sepultura Dead embryonic cells Arise
11. Anthrax Room for one more Sound of white noise
12. -Paradise Lost As I die Shades of god
13. Fudge Tunnel Grey Creep diets
14. Skid Row Psycho love Home Video...
15. -Pantera Cowboys from hell Cowboys from hell
16. Rage Against The Machine Freedom Rage against the machine
17. Carcass Heartwork Heartwork
18. Slaughter Up all night Stick it to ya
19. Danzig Twist of Cain Danzig
20. Pantera Domination (live in Moscow) Home video...
21. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts I love rock'n'roll Waynes world 2
22. Phantom Blue Time to run Build to perform
23. Paradise lost Embers fire Icon
24. Souls at zero Greyworld Souls at zero
25. Carcass Corporeal jigsore quandary Necrotism - descanting the insalubrious
26. Terrorvision American TV Formaldehyde
27. Shotgun Messiah Violent new breed Violent new breed
28. Clawfinger The thruth Deaf dumb blind
29. Megadeth 99 ways to die The Beavis & Butthead experience
30. Sacred Reich Crawling Independent
31. Pink Cream '69 Face in the mirror Games people play
32. Ozzy Osbourne Crazy babies No rest for the wicked
33. Sepultura Refuse/resist Chaos A. D.
34. Pantera Cemetery gates Cowboys from hell
35. Banished Deliver me onto pain Deliver me onto pain
36. -L7 Everglade Bricks are heavy
37. Babes In Toyland Bruise violet Fontanelle
38. Guns'n'roses Paradise city Appetite for destruction
39. Megadeth Holy wars Rust in peace
40. Nudeswirl F sharp Nudeswirl
41. Prong Snap your fingers, snap your neck Cleansing
42. Wildhearts Suckerpunch Earth vs. the Wildhearts
43. -Stressball Dust Stressball
44. Voodoocult Killerpatrol Jesus killing machine
45. Pantera I'm broken Far beyond driven
46. Crawley Wrecking crew Supersonic
47. Entombed Wolverine blues Wolverine blues
48. Sator Black'n'white Barbie-q-killers vol. 1
49. Simple Aggression Formulations in black Formulations in black
50. Crowbar Existence is punishment Crowbar
51. L7 Monster Bricks are heavy
52. The Almighty Wrench Crank
53. Downset Anger Downset
54. Bodycount Born dead Born dead
55. Pro-pain Make war (not love) The truth hurts
56. Skid Row Monkey business Slave to the grind
57. Bio Hazard Tales from the hard side State of the world address

Musik videoer Bånd 2

01. Sepultura Slave new world Chaos A. D.
02. Morbid angel God of emptyness Covenant
03. -Obituary The end complete The end complete
04. Pantera Five minutes alone Far beyond driven
05. Annihilator Set the world on fire Set the world on fire
06. Soundgarden Outshined BadMotorFinger
HI-FI (2/1-96)
07. Morgoth Odium Under the surface
08. Carcass Heartwork No love lost
09. Slayer Divine intervention Ditto head
10. Pantera Cowboys from hell Cowboys from hell
11. Downset Downset Anger
12. Prong Cleansing Broken peace
13. Obituary World demise Don't care
14. Pantera Vulgar display of power Walk
15. White Zombie Airheads soundtrack Feed the gods
16. Sven Gali Sven Gali Under the influence
17. Sepultura Arise Dead embryonic cells
18. Grave Soulless Soulless
19. Sepultura Orgasmatron
20. Danzig Danzig Twist of cain
21. Gorefest Fear/Erase EP Fear
22. Sick of it all Scratch the surface Scratch the surface
23. Kreator Reneval Reneval
24. Mary Beats Jane Mary Beats Jane Old
25. Slayer Divine intervention Ditto head (ups!!!)
26. Godspeed Ride Houston st.
27. Gorefest Erase Erase
28. Nirvana Nevermind Smalls like teen spirit
29. Voodoocult Jesus killing machine Killer patrol
30. Pro-pain The truth hurts Make war (not love)
31. Schweisser Eisenkkopf Eisenkopf
32. Nirvana Nevermind Lithium
33. Grip inc. Power of inner strength Ostracized
34. Death Individual thought patterns The philosopher
35. Prong Cleansing Whose fist is this anyway
36. Stressball Stressball Dust
37. Paradise Lost Shades of god As I die
38. Warrant Ultraphobic Family picnic
39. Only living witness Prone mortal form Slug
40. Crowbar All I had I gave Crowbar
41. L7 Everglade Bricks are heavy
42. Babes in Toyland Lair Fontanelle
43. Metallica Enter sandman Metallica
44. Exodus Toxic waltz Fabolous disaster
45. Konkhra Facelift Spit or swallow
46. Invocator King in a world of fools Dying to live
47. Civ Can't wait one minute more Set your goals
48. Megadeth Angry again The Beavis & Butthead experience
49. Extreme Hole hearted Pornografitti II
50. Green Day Geek stink breath Insomatic
51. Konkhra Warzone Facelift EP
52. Morbid Angel Where the slime live Domination
53. Cannibal Corpse Starring through the eyes of the dead The bleeding
54. Obituary The end complete The end complete

Musik videoer Bånd 3 - HIFI 2 HIFI

01. Sick Of It All Scratch the surface Scratch the surface
02. Downset Downset Anger
03. Hardball Set it off Down by law
04. Only Living Witness Prone mortal form Slug
05. Morbid Angel Blessed are the sick Blessed are the sick
06. Carcass Heartwork No love lost
07. Schweisser Wilkommen im Klub Wilkommen im Klub
08. Merauder Master killer Master killer
09. Down Nola Stone the crow
10. B-Thong Skinned Godslave
11. Stuck Mojo Snappin' necks Not promissed tomorrow
12. Samael Ceremony of opposites Baphomet's throne
13. Morbid Angel Domination Where the slime live
14. Megadeth Countdown to extinction Sweating bullets
15. Prong Cleansing Snap your fingers, snap your neck
16. Pantera Cowboys from hell Cowboys from hell
17. Drain Horror wrestling I don't mind
18. L7 Bricks are heavy Monster
19. Slayer Undisputed attitude I hate you
20. Paradise Lost Icon Ember's fire
21. Pantera The great southern trendkill Drag the waters
22. Dismember Hollowman EP Hollowman
23. Konkhra Spit or swallow Spit or swallow
24. Hate Squad IQ zero Not my god
25. Paradise Lost Shades of god Pity the sadness
26. Pantera Vulgar display of power Walk
27. White Zombie Astro creep 2000 Super-charger heaven
28. Metallica Metallice Sad but true
29. Farmer Boys Countrisied Farm sweet farm
30. Cannibal Corpse Vile Devoured by vermin
31. Grave Soulless Soulless
32. Metallica From the AMA
33. Skunk Anansie Stooch All I want
34. Accept Balls to the wall
35. Sepultura Arise Arise
36. Fudge Tunnel Creep Diets Grey
37. Overdose Progress of decadence Stright to the point
38. Metallica Monsters in Moscow Harvester of sorrow
39. Pantera Far beyound driven I'm broken
40. Alice in Chains Dirt Them bones
41. Carcass Necrotism Incarnated solvent abuse
42. Death Human Lack of comprehension
43. Meathook Seed Embedded Famine sector
44. N.Y. Loose Year of the rat Spit
45. Morbid Angel Covenant God of emptyness
46. Bolt Thrower Warmaster Cenotaph
47. Dominus The first nine Dancing with magic
48. Biohazard Mata Leao A lot to learn
49. Marilyn Manson Antichrist superstar The beautiful people
50. Dismember Casket garden Casket garden
51. Morbid Angel Covenant Rapture
52. Machinehead The more things change... Ten ton hammer
53. Pist.On Number One Grey flab
54. Tool Stinkfist
55. At the Gates Slaughter of the soul Blinded by fear
56. B-Thong Skinned Schizophrenic pavement
57. Silverchair Freak show Freak
58. Sepultura Beneath the remains Inner self
59. Sepultura Under siege Troops of doom
60. Sepultura Chaos A.D. Territory
61. Sepultura Roots Sepultura's attitude

Musik videoer Bånd 4 - HIFI 2 HIFI

01. Mudhoney From "SubPop video network prog. 1" Here comes sickness
02. Stuck Mojo Pigwalk Pigwalk
03. Furious Trauma Eclipse Chaos within
04. Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine Freedom
05. Foo Fighters The color and shape Monkey wrench
06. Slayer Divine intervention Serenity in murder
07. Corrosion of Conformity Deliverance Albatros
08. Bad Brains Rise Rise
09. Megadeth Rust in piece Holy wars
10. Sick Of It All Scratch the surface Scratch the surface
11. Machine Head The more things change... Ten ton hammer
12. 311 Down 311
13. Rocket from the crypt Scream Dracula scream On a rope
14. Pantera Vulgar display of power Mouth for war
15. Monster Magnet Dopes to infinity Negasonic teenage warhead
16. Tampasm Self destruct my darling
17. My Dying Bride Like gods of the sun For you
18. Unleashed Where no life dwells Before the creation of time
19. Morgoth Feel sorry for the fanatic Last Laugh
20. White Zombie La sexorcisto: Devil music vol. 1 Thunderkiss '69
21. Guns'n'Roses Use your illusion I The Garden
22. (Foo Fighters) Monkey Wrench
23. Megadeth Peace sells but who is buying?
24. Lions share Shadows 2
25. BioHazard State of the world address Tales from the hard side
26. Die Krupps Paradise now Rise up
27. Moist Resurrection
28. Gun Swagger Word up
29. Kreator Outcast Leave this world behind
30. Unsane Scattered, smothered & covered Scrape
31. Guns'n'Roses Appetite for destruction Welcome to the jungle
32. Kings of infinite space Speedboarder
33. SIC Eyeball kicks Eyeball kicks EP
34. Gwar Carnival of chaos Penguin attack
35. Misery Loves Co. Misery loves co. My mind still speaks
36. -Tura Satana Relief through release Luna
37. The Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood sugar sex magik Under the bridge
38. Silverchair Frogstomp Isreal's son
39. Green Day Nimrod Hitching a ride
40. Life Of Agony River runs red This time
41. Tool Ænima Ænima
42. Nirvana Nevermind Lithium
43. Six Feet Under Manipulation Warpath
44. Strapping Young Lad City Detox
45. Benediction The dreams you dread Down on whores
46. Megadeth Exposure of a dream (homevideo) Symphony of destruction (Grizzle mix)
47. Pantera Far beyond driven Five minutes alone
48. Tura Satana Relief through release Luna
49. Babylon Whores Cold heaven In arcadia ego

Musik videoer Bånd 5 - HIFI 2 HIFI

01. Type O Negative Bloody kisses Black no. 1
02. Venom Cast in Stone The evil one
03. Deftones Around the fur My own summer (shove it)
04. Sugar Ray RPM
05. Therapy? Semi detached Church of noise
06. Gorefest Soul survivor Freedom
07. Motley Crue Girls girls girls Girls girls girls
08. Stone Temple Pilots Core Sextype thing
09. Megadeth Cryptic writing Almost honest
10. Judas Priest Jugulator Burn in hell
11. Stuck Mojo Rising Rising
12. Puff Daddy ( + The lox + Lil' Kim) All about the Benjamins
13. Incubus S.c.i.e.n.c.e. A certain shade of green
14. Transport League Superevil Magnetic star
15. Snot Get some Stoopid
16. Sick Of It All Us vs. them
17. Clawfinger Clawfinger Two sides
18. One Minute Silence Available in all A waste of things to come
19. Cathedral The carnival bizarre Hopkins (witchfinder general)
20. Pulkas Loaded
21. Tool Undertow Sober
22. Anthrax Volume 8 - The threat is real Inside out
23. Hole Celebrity skin Celebrity skin
24. Slayer War Ensemble
25. Machine Head Burn my eyes Davidian
26. Soulfly Soulfly Bleed
27. Pearl Jam Yield Do the evolution
28. Kiss I love it loud
29. One Minute Silence Stuck between a rock & a white face
30. The offspring Americana Pretty fly (for a white guy)
31. Monster Magnet Powertrip Powertrip
32. Guano Apes Proud like a god Open your eyes
33. Primal Scream Give out but don't give up Rocks
34. Ugly Kid Joe America's least wanted Every thing about you
35. System Of A Down System of a down Sugar
36. Bloodhound Gang One fierce bier rollercoster Kiss me where it smell's funny
37. En Vogue Funky divas Free your mind
38. Celtic Frost Circle of the tyrants
39. AC/DC The razor's edge Thunder
40. Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik Higher ground
41. Lok Lok Stär när de andra faller
42. Anthrax & Public Enemy Attack of the killer B's Bring the noise
43. Rob Zombie Hell Billy deluxe Dragula
44. Ugly Kid Joe Menace to sobriety Milkman's son
45. Dog Eat Dog Amped Expect the unexpected
46. AC/DC "The Last Action Hero" soundtrack Big gun
47. Cradle Of Filth From cradle to enslave
48. Aerosmith Eat the rich
49. Ministry Just one fix
50. The Facer The Facer Sure shining
51. Fear Factory Obsolete Ressurection
52. Pantera Vulgar display of power This love
53. Machine Head The more things change Take my scars
54. Artificial Joy Club Melt Sick & beautiful
55. Marilyn Manson "The matrix" soundtrack Rock is dead
56. Megadeth "Universal soldier II" soundtrack Crush'em
57. Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik Suck my kiss
58. Alice In Chains Nothing's safe Get born again
59. Cathedral Statik Majik EP Cosmic funeral
60. Guns'n'Roses Use your illusion I The garden
61. AC/DC Back in black You shook me all night long

Musik videoer Bånd 6 - HIFI 2 HIFI

Band Album Song
01. Megadeth Countdown to extinction Symphony of destruction
02. Korn Freak on a leach
03. The Hellacopters Grande rock The devil stole the beat from the lord
04. Kiss I love it loud
05. Creed Human clay Higher
06. AC/DC Ballbreaker Hail Caesar
07. The Wannadies
08. Iggy Pop Corruption
09. Tracy Bonham The burdens of being upright Mother mother
10. Kid Rock Devil without a cause Bawitdaba
11. Marylon Manson Astonishing panorama of the endtimes
12. SlipKnot Spit it out (1999)
13. Psycore I'm not one of us The zoo
14. Blindside King of the closet
15. Crazytown The gift of the game Toxic
16. Napalm Death Incinerator
17. Silverchair Frogstomp Tomorrow
18. Gwar The will to live Meat sandwich