Books to get/read (and films!)

The code book, the evolution of secrecy from Mary, Queen Of Scots to quantum cryptography - Simon Singh - Random House - 1999.

1.Brandenburg, Stoll, et al.: "The ISO/MPEG-Audio Codec: A Generic Standard for Coding of High Quality Digital Audio", 92nd AES,
   Vienna Mar. 92, pp. 3336; revised version ("ISO-MPEG-1 Audio: A Generic Standard...") published in the Journal of AES, Vol.42, No.
   10, Oct. 94
2.Eberlein, Popp, et al.: "Layer-3, a Flexible Coding Standard", 94th AES, Berlin Mar. 93, pp. 3493 3) Church, Grill, et al.: "ISDN and
   ISO/MPEG Layer-3 Audio Coding: Powerful New tools for Broadcast and Audio Production", 95th AES, New York Oct. 93, pp. 3743
3.Grill, Herre, et al.: "Improved MPEG-2 Audio Multi-Channel Encoding", 96th AES, Amsterdam Feb. 94, pp. 3865
4.Witte, Dietz, et al.: "Single Chip Implementation of an ISO/MPEG Layer-3 Decoder", 96th AES, Amsterdam Feb. 94, pp. 3805
5.Herre, Brandenburg, et al.: "Second Generation ISO/MPEG Audio Layer-3 Coding", 98th AES, Paris Feb. 95
6.Dietz, Popp, et al.: "Audio Compression for Network Transmission", 99th AES, New York Oct. 95, pp. 4129
7.Brandenburg, Bosi: "Overview of MPEG-Audio: Current and Future Standards for Low Bit-Rate Audio Coding, 99th AES, New York
   Oct. 95, pp. 4130
8.Buchta, Meltzer, et al.: "The WorldStar Sound Format", 101st AES, Los Angeles Nov. 96, pp. 4385
9.Bosi, Brandenburg, et al: "ISO/IEC MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding", 101st AES, Los Angeles Nov. 96, pp

Any new books in the "Unauthorized" series by Andrew Schulman

Amd/Intel CPU doc and optimization guides

P5               0206385
      Titel    : Amiga ROM kernel reference manual : Includes and
      Im       : 1003 s., Reading,Mass. : Addison-Wesley, 1991
      ISSN/ISBN: 0-201-56773-3
      DTV-Plads: 681.32-18 Amiga

P9           0196870
      TI   : Amiga ROM Kernel reference manual : Devices
      IM   : 582 s., Reading,Mass. : Addison-Wesley, 1991
      UDK  : 681.32-18  681.3.06
      CT   : Edb programmering
      DTV-Plads: 681.32-18 Amiga
Alis fundet 210396:

P1               0227153
      Titel    : Methods of run-time error detection in distributed
                  process control software.
      Forfatter: Drejer, N.
      Im       : 17+220 s.,  lborg, 1994
      Note     : Ph.d.-afhandling AUC 1994
      DTV-Plads: 681.518 Methods

P1               0231062
      Titel    : Introduction to error-correcting codes.
      Forfatter: Purser, M.
      Im       : 133 s., London : Artech House, 1995
      ISSN/ISBN: 0-89006-784-8
      DTV-Plads: 519.7 Introduction

P15              0211528
      Titel    : Error correcting codes : Theory and applications
      Forfatter: Poli, A.
      Im       : 15+512 s., Hemel Hempstead : Prentice-Hall, 1992
      Note     : Originaltitel: Codes correction. 1989. -
                  Litteraturhenvisninger: s.489-508
      ISSN/ISBN: 0-13-284894-5
      DTV-Plads: 519.7 Error

P1               0232565
      Titel    : Error coding cookbook : Practical C routines and
                  recipes for error detection and correction
      Forfatter: Rorabaugh, C.B
      Im       : New York, N.Y. : McGraw-Hill, 1995
      ISSN/ISBN: 0-07-0911720-1
      DTV-Plads: Udgives ikke.

P5               0168752
      Titel    : Computer communication systems. - 1: Data circuits,
                  error detection, data links.
      Forfatter: Nussbaumer, H.
      Im       : 10+271 s., Chichester : Wiley, 1989
      Note     : Originaltitel: TÚlÚinformatique, 1987. -
      ISSN/ISBN: 0-471-92379-6
      DTV-Plads: 621.394 Computer

 Robert Sedgewick: Algorithems ISBN 0-201-06673-4

Titler fundet i Alt Om Data:
A. C. Clarcke
 Isac Asimov: I, Robot
 Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
 Orson Scot Card: Enders game + Speaker for the dead
 William Gibson: Neuromancer + Count zero + Mona Lisa overdrive

Titler fra 'Undocumented Dos (2 ed.):
(Eric Raymond: The new Hackers dictionary)
 *Robert Hummel: Assembly language lab notes

Titler fra 'Undocumented Windows:
"Intercepting DLL function calls" Windows/DOS Developer's Journal (ARTIKEL)
 Alan Cobb: Reverse ingineering Windows and os/2 software (CIS 73170,3543)

•“Cryptography for the Internet,” by Philip R. Zimmermann. Scientific
American, October 1998. This article, written by PGP’s creator, is a tutorial
on various cryptographic protocols and algorithms, many of which happen
to be used by PGP.
•“The Codebreakers,” by David Kahn. Scribner; ISBN: 0684831309. This book
is a history of codes and code breakers from the time of the Egyptians to the
end of WWII. Kahn first wrote it in the sixties, and published a revised
edition in 1996. This book won't teach you anything about how
cryptography is accomplished, but it has been the inspiration of the whole
modern generation of cryptographers.
• “Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C,”byBruce
Schneier, John Wiley &Sons; ISBN: 0-471-12845-7. This is a good beginning
technical book on howa lot of cryptography works. If you want to become
an expert, this is the place to start.?Preface
•“Internet Cryptography,” by Richard E. Smith. Addison-Wesley Pub Co;
ISBN: 0201924803. This book describes how many Internet security
protocols work. Most importantly, it describes how systems that are
designed well nonetheless end up with flaws through careless operation.
This book is light on math, and heavy on practical information.

Advanced books
•“A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography,” by Neal Koblitz.
Springer-Verlag; ISBN: 0-387-94293-9. An excellent graduate-level
mathematics textbook on number theory and cryptography.

CODE - and other laws of cyberspace - Lawrence Lessig
Book title
Mathematics: From the birth of numbers Jan Gullberg W. W. Norton and Co., New York 1997
Maxwell's demon: Why warmthdisperses and time passes Hans Christian von Baeyer Random House, New York 1998
Geons, black holes and quantum foam: A life in physics John Archibald Wheeler with Kenneth Ford W. W. Norton and Co., New York 1998
Looking for Earths: The race to find new solar systems Alan Boss John Wiley & Sons - New York 1998
The substance of civilization and human history from the stone age to the age of silicon Stephen L. Sass Arcade publishing, New York 1998
Stuff: The materials the world is made of Ivan Amato HarperCollins/Avon books (Bard) 1997/1998
Understanding materials science: History, properties, applications Rolf E. Hummel Springer-Verlag, New York 1998
Scientific American !1998

Film: Deadly Love - Susan Day, Stephen McHattie, Eric Petersen, Jean LeClerck - Instruction: Lincoln Kupchak

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